Beach Wedding


A beach wedding cannot be improvised, especially if it is planned on a white sand beach. Private beach or public beach, a minimum of preparation is required. For a wedding on a public beach, only the ceremony can be celebrated there, but with prior authorisation of the municipal authorities. One word of advice, do it well in advance so as not to find yourself without any alternative. For a wedding on a private beach, you must request permission and prices from the owner. Depending on the mood you want to create, a wedding planner can be of great help to help plan the ceremony and organise the various planned activities, such as jet-ski, sailing, or water ski rental.

Activities during a beach wedding

Like any wedding, the activities offered to the guests contribute to the success of the event. Some of them are not specific to the wedding venue (the beach in this case), others are. Let's take a look at these ones first. Indeed, entertainment in keeping with the location of the wedding will encourage people to participate and be original for some.

Water sport activities

Getting married on a beach obviously means enjoying a setting like no other, the sand, the sea and the setting sun. In short, a panorama which, if all the conditions are met, can leave you and your guests with unforgettable memories. So, if the weather conditions and tides are right, several activities will be available to you. Jet-skis, paddle boards, towed buoys, even parasailing, these activities will require a certain budget. Indeed, renting jets-ski or a boat with a driver for parasailing or towed buoys is not cheap. Therefore, it is best to opt for a private beach for your wedding, which also includes these types of services. You can then negotiate a “package” that includes the beach, dinner and activities.


Before the wedding cake, on a clear starry night, what could be more exciting than a short fireworks display to immortalise the occasion? If the idea interest you, remember that a municipal authorisation is required. However, do forget the idea of releasing lanterns after dark. Why? Because they fall into the sea and pollute it and are real traps for fish that mistake them for food.

Childhood games

Power 4, Pictionary, Jenga, who never played these games when they were a child or a teenager? Why not try an XXL version on the beach? Indeed, many companies offer the chance to rent or sell these games in a human-sized version. You will be able to entertain your guests who will find themselves carried back in time and you can even organise competitions. The perfect way to break the ice between guests who do not know each other.


This is one of the big trends in weddings. As your guests are enjoying the beach reception, why not entertain them with some great tricks. Nothing could be easier, hire on a magician who will be happy to entertain your guests. It will amaze little ones and will create moments of joyful incomprehension and laughter for older guests.

Tattoo bar

Also very popular, a tattoo bar can be included in the activity options offered. But let's be clear, these will obviously be ephemeral and mostly minimalist tattoos, an option that follows the current trend in tattoos for designs that are much more discreet.

Prepare for the ceremony on the beach

To always be well turned out at the reception, there's nothing like being able to remove the troublesome sand after the activities. Prepare a nice basket arranged with a few AFTER Beach Winter White brushes to allow your guests to remove the annoying grains of sand stuck on their feet before they put their shoes back on. Surprise effect guaranteed!

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