From the Summer Sand to the Christmas Snow


A golden star, a glittering arena, a blue-green wave, hybrid palm trees, an exotic bungalow, a summery vision of vacation by the sea or the ocean, it's idyllic. But what if for once we went a different way ? No need for any bikini or sunshade, we’ll be celebrating Christmas this year on the beach. A puffer jacket and a nice wool bobble hat will do the trick.

The beach in a different way

Have you ever dreamed of walking on the edge of the coast, far from any crowd or hustle, with the sea breeze in your hair and on your skin, the dancing spectacle of the swell for your eyes only. A real breath of fresh air and real calm. Can you feel this peaceful atmosphere ? Let your imagination grow even further, wait for the end of winter twilight and with a little patience, prepare several layers of clothing, lined boots and walk at night. Look up at the celestial sphere, star-studded sky, a real galaxy moving imperceptibly. You may even see a shower of shooting stars. Contemplate, continue to dream and listen to the squeaking of your steps in the fresh snow, mingling with a light splash, the waves lapping, right there next to you. Isn't it amazing ?

White coat on the coast

White sand beaches, unconditionally white, the snowflakes settling on the shore sprinkling it to make a cottony layer. In France this phenomenon is rare. However, last January, the Mediterranean coast was touched by this immaculate grace, as well as the seashores of Brittany, Normandy, Nord and Pas-de-Calais. Thin layer or thick blanket, the wrapped landscape was radically and succinctly modified, without disrupting the rolling waves. Some careless surfers took advantage of this unique opportunity to jump into the water, or to take out their boards. Other less daring ones put on their skis and slid along that almost unreal coast. The regional press has published many atypical and enchanting pictures. You can also admire this paradoxical panorama in Scandinavia, in Japan, more especially in Greece or in Corsica, just surf on the Web. You will see magnificent photos and perhaps you will observe the Northern Lights, if you have not already seen them during one of your trips far away.

What about the gifts?

Who would think of making a raclette, a cassoulet, a tartiflette, a chestnut turkey, or any other filling dish accompanied by a fine mulled wine, during your vacations in a place where you are supposed to lie down to get a tan ? At first glance, not many people. However, if you decide to sing "Oh Christmas Tree" on the beach, white with snow, in front of a large fire with sparks, everything is permitted. Nothing prevents you from decorating your Christmas tree with tinsels made of rope and shells, trinkets made of driftwood, coral balls and, and to top it all off, glamourize the top with a splendid and precious starfish. Don't worry, Santa Claus follows a very large itinerary, and the kids know it well, he is gifted with ubiquity. No chimney hides from him, even when there isn't one, and no child is forgotten, even if he is not all good, everyone receives a gift.

AFTER Beach Brush

The question is: What to do with our unstoppable AFTER Beach brush if there is no sand? Your toes, snug in sheep's wool slippers or in iconic slippers, have nothing to fear from those little mineral grains. Feel free to improvise a reliable, alternative and temporary use, in the perspective of your return on a vast warm sandy area, during a sunny stay by the sea, in summer.

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