Sandboarding or snowboarding without snow


After one of our posts on Standup paddleboarding, many of you expressed your desire to slide, with your hair in the wind, your nose in the sun and a smile on your face. But you'd like to do it out of the water because you don't like getting wet, nor the cold and snow. Well, there is a seaside version of surfing, known as sandboarding, in other words, surfing on sand.

Surfing made easy

Like snowboarding, sandboarding is a sport that requires you to stand on a board with one foot in front of the other, slightly wider than your shoulders, and flexing lightly on your knees, while applying pressure to the front, the back or the side of the board. You need a relaxed and balanced body position to slide along the sandy slopes and gain speed. Sounds hard? Try going downhill on your stomach, and if for economic reasons you are thinking of using your snowboard and going for the sand hills, forget it, because the board used for sandboarding is drastically different from the one used for snowboarding. The stiffness and materials used for sand need to be more resistant.

Dune surfing

Dune surfing originated in Peru, South America. It was the most obvious solution when the waves were not suitable for sea surfing. During the third millennium, the discipline had become the new trending way to mix fun and sports. Today, sandboarding has spread all over the world and international competitions are taking place regularly. Sandboarding is less popular than snowboarding, not because holidaymakers prefer winter sports, but because it is more difficult, if not impossible, to find a suitable terrain to ride the slopes. High, unhindered dunes are a must, no plants or rocks. Moreover, surfers must be in exceptional physical condition, because if the slope is too steep, the unavoidable ascent must be done on foot, in the heat. Have you ever seen ski lifts on the coast?

Legal sandboarding

A good advice: The Dune of Pilat tempts you? Avoid it o you would face a severe penalty. It is a nature reserve. Prefer abandoned sandpits or small dunes. If you are not intoxicated by steep slopes and if rushing is not in your nature, you can take one or two dogs to dogsled on beach trails, or kitesurf along the beach. No engine, environmentally friendly.

Or sand-skiing

Good news for those who are not very comfortable on a paddle on their own, you can also try sand-skiing. Like traditional skiing, you use long, narrow skates and poles to help you to keep a stable position. This sport is spreading worldwide, mostly in desert areas and particularly in Namibia where the dunes are the highest in the world. Again, be aware that this area is located in a national park and is only accessible with special permission.

The AFTER Beach Brush

Snowboarders and skiers, have you missed anything? Your AFTER Beach brush for example? Because yes, you can also ski on the sand with your bare feet.

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