Seaside campsite

This summer 2016, we went to the campsite in a mobile home, destination Argelès-sur-Mer.

Camping, a different holiday

Even if the film "Camping" represents a cliché from the 80s, it has helped boost these holidays in a different way. Camping has grown a lot over the past fifteen years. In some regions, entire fields have turned into summer camps. Mobile homes are increasingly replacing tents and caravans, for more comfort. Real little vacation homes to rent or buy, there is something for everyone. Suddenly, thanks to camping, many families, all categories combined, can enjoy places close to the sea or more remote for those who want to stay quiet.

Taxo Les Pins

Taxo Les Pins is a campsite located in Argelès-sur-Mer in the Pyrénées Orientales. A slew of campsites are installed there. Also, the city has made a very practical train bus available which goes around the city and the campsites, to avoid taking the car when going to the Beach Center. Moreover, the beach is huge and crowded at this time. As a little anecdote, the game consists of getting on the Train bus as quickly as possible to get a seat.

Visits to do

Not far from Perpignan, the town of Collioure, a little further south is worth seeing. Close to Spain, you can easily go and enjoy Tapas with the family on the Catalan coast in Port Bou or Roses, at affordable prices, with beaches all along the coast. Mountain hikes are also accessible and cultural visits to be made, such as the castle of Taxo for example. Do not hesitate to go to the Argelès tourist office. At the moment, if you take a walk along the beach of Argelès, you will see an exhibition until November 2, 2016, photos and texts in the open air, on the theme of an Exhibition of men and islands.

Camping and entertainment

Overall, at the campsite, we are quite close to our neighbors but the location is large and the activities numerous. Moreover, at Camping Taxo Les Pins, the team of young dynamic animators manages all the activities: swimming pool, sports, evening entertainment, to entertain young and old, from morning to evening.

A great evening

For once, the evening of the animators on Thursday evening was a success. Congratulations to Fabien for his choreography by Mickaël Jackson and Stephen for his humor and his Capoeira. Christelle speaks perfect English and well done to the whole team who participated in the show and who made us have a pleasant evening full of surprises. We went to bed late and frankly had a great time.