Holidays in Italy

It was in Italy, more precisely around Genoa, that we spent part of our summer vacation. Besides, we laughed a lot with our friends before leaving because we told them that we had rented an apartment in Genoa. Of course, the city of Genoa is a thousand times less colorful than the neighboring towns, but they thought it was a funny idea to stay in Genoa for the holidays. Nevertheless, the old historic center of this city remains to be seen and visited.

Life is good in Rapallo

Of course, it was in Rapallo, a little further south, that we stayed. Rapallo remains a quite noisy city because a lot of scooters and Vespas circulate there but the Italians, although nervous at the wheel, systematically let pedestrians pass who wish to cross. The city is clean and Italians go out with their dogs a lot. This region is quite rich, there is also a contrast between the North and the South of Italy.

We arrived on a Saturday night, a bit confused by the trip and this crowd going out partying, but we got used to it perfectly. We passed an outdoor mass because the church was very close to the accommodation, also noisy but that is part of the decor and the seaside streets are full.

Pasta in all sauces

We went to test the restaurants and ate delicious pasta of all kinds. My favorite dish, the seafood risotto. Also, pizzas with the first price: 4 euros. Admittedly, restaurants are cheaper than in France, as are grocery stores like Gulliver for example. However, gasoline is overpriced.

The Riviera of the Levant

We opted for tours on the Riviera du Levant. The very cool towns to see are Sainte-Marguerite, a very pleasant but pebble beach, the region is rocky and mountainous, but for the sandy beach, you have to go to Sestri Levante.

Portofino is the little Italian Saint-Tropez with luxury boutiques like Cartier. Fuchsia phone cases set with diamonds, do you like it? We visited and took in the view and watched a Russian depart with his brand new black yacht.

The Cinque Terre

The must-see is a visit to the Cinque Terre in Liguria. We visited the first 3 villages. Everything is very steep, it is better to allow 2 or 3 days to visit everything. It is very touristy and coves not easy to reach but worth the detour. The water is warm and clear. For lunch, the fried fritters with vegetables and seafood are delicious.

Spend your holidays in Italy

You will understand, we love Italy and we hope to have made you want to spend your next vacation in Italy.

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