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Update 11/05/2020
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Equipment (without sewing machine)

Quick and easy

- 1 fitted waterproof mattress cover (made from bamboo viscose)
- 1 pack of sanitary pads
- 1 elastic bag
- 1 pencil
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 double decimetre




The viscose fabric and sanitary pads are suitable for contact with the skin.
About 15 masks can be made with the 70x140 matress protector (viscose)
watch the vidéo

Cut a rectangle in viscose bamboo fabric

- Cut a cardboard in 23 x 16 cm format
- Use the 23 x 16 cm cardboard as a model
- Place the 23 x 16 cm cardboard flat on the viscose fabric
- Trace the outline in pencil
- Cut the rectangle of viscose fabric 23 x 16 cm
- Your viscose fabric rectangle is ready

The +: Slightly stretchy to wrap the face and allows a good fit for breathing.

Fold the 4 corners to make 4 small holes
Downloads: Mask model.pdf - Child model mask.pdf

Hang 2 elastic bands
Glue the sanitary pads

Tips: Cut a rectangle in a stretch kitchen fabric.
Adjust the size of the rectangle according to your size
Examples: 24 x 16 cm - 23 x 16 cm - 22 x 16 cm

Changeable elastic bands and sanitary pads

After each use, pass the viscose fabric mask and the sanitary pads under hot water so as not to deteriorate the plasticized side of the viscose fabric by peeling off the sanitary pads. Discard the towel, wash the rectangle of viscose fabric (60 °), dry it in the open air (no ironing) and stick a new sanitary pads before use. Change the viscose cloth mask if small holes start to appear.

  • Washable
  • Anti-fog (glasses wearers)
  • Hygienic
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Double thickness
  • Resistant
  • Homemade
The viscose bamboo fabric mask can provide additional protection on surgical masks (health personnel). You can also stick a sanitary pad inside the surgical mask.
This mask is not approved but helps you protect your face and protect others from droplets. I recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water before preparation. Only buy the equipment when you go shopping for food. Wash your hands very regularly, wear your mask and wash it after each use, change the towel every day and above all STAY ZEN as much as you can.

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