Beach cleaning


As someone who loves the ocean and the sea, in summer I never miss the opportunity to bask on the sand before swimming and, in winter, walk by the sea which is so invigorating. Regularly, I pick up waste I find there and throw it in the bins (often too full) provided by the municipalities.

Responsible tourism

Unfortunately, for a long time the condition of beaches has been deteriorating because of mass tourism. Some beaches are cleaner than others depending on the country. Pleasure boats often dump their waste overboard and the tides tend to worsen the situation by carrying all kinds of waste onto the sand.

In recent years, I have grown used to devoting a few minutes of my time to picking up what I find around me before the astonished eyes of holidaymakers who walk over the trash without even thinking about picking it up.

Not knowing if things will ever change, at least I participate at my own level in cleaning the beaches and if everyone did the same thing , it would be more pleasant for everyone and the beaches would be much cleaner altogether.

A scourge for marine and aquatic environments

Turtles, dolphins and birds are the first victims of plastic bags thrown into the sea. Turtles swallow plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish.

Ocean Initiatives 2017

I wanted to broach this subject because I came across a site on waste collection in France. The principle is simple, with the idea being to participate in an organised collection, or to organise a collection yourself. I found the project interesting because it allows all volunteers in France, whether residents or people passing through, to participate in a waste collection in a group or on their own. To find out more, take a look at the Ocean Initiatives website which presents a detailed programme and information on fundraising organisations. Remember to say no to single-use plastics.

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