Beware of the sun


When you go to the beach, the children play in the sand and swim. Some little ones are happy to wear their T-shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen, but others stay in the sun without any protection.

Prevention is better than cure

Parents must protect their children from the sun as much as possible. As the mother of a daughter prone to sunstroke, believe me when I say that you can never be careful enough. It is important to avoid the hottest hours of the day.


Sunstroke is when the body overheats. It can happen anywhere. The temperature of the body can rise to 40 degrees and, in this case, it is advisable to move the person into the shade as quickly as possible, hydrate them with water and wet their head in order to bring the temperature down. Call the medical emergency services if their temperature does not fall. Try to remain calm because it can be quite impressive to see. Remember, serious sunstroke can be very dangerous.

When it happened to us, we were in the Basque Country. My eight year-old daughter was queuing for ice cream at the beach in St Jean de Luz and, although it was only April, the sun was beating down hard. She wasn’t wearing a hat, so when she started to feel bad we quickly moved her into the shade and gave her a bottle of water to cool her down. It took a good half hour for her temperature to drop. She probably hadn't drunk enough water, but why should children always be forced to drink water? Some things are hard to understand.

Simple tips for protecting yourself from the sun

Hats and T-shirts are highly recommended for young children. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to exposed parts of the body. The major cosmetic brands insist on the fact that we should always choose the highest UV index. For older children, sunglasses and sunscreen won't prevent them from having just as much fun.

Watch out for UV light

"Ultraviolet" rays are increasingly harmful. Suddenly the weather turns hot and, without taking time to get used to it, you expose yourself too quickly. Also, remember that we all have a limit to how much sunshine we can take and once you have reached it be sure to protect yourself.

We wish you a great holiday in the sun, but don't overdo it, protect yourself and above all, protect your children, it's important.

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