Five sports at the beach


The beach is synonymous with sunshine, laziness, tanning, napping, swimming... But for some holidaymakers, the beach is also synonymous with sport. Indeed, some people enjoy exerting themselves during their vacations and there are many activities to choose from. Individual or group activities, on the water or on the sand, there is a rich and varied range of beach sports meaning that anyone wishing to let off steam and enjoy the beach in a different way will find something to please them. In this article, AFTER Beach brings you five of the most popular sport activities on the beach.


It has been the most fashionable activity for several seasons. The principle? Paddle over calm seas while standing on a wide surfboard. The board measures on average between two and three metres. Paddle-boarding originated in Polynesia. The idea? To enjoy a gentle activity on the water and savour the peace and quiet and a different view from the other vacationers. Paddle-boarding can be enjoyed by everyone, including beginners, due to its simplicity.

Beach volleyball

A sport that appeared in the United States in the 1920s, beach volleyball is now an Olympic sport. Practiced by two (in official competition configuration) or several people, the rules of beach volleyball can, in this context, be modelled on those of indoor volleyball. A few tips if you want to enjoy one or more games with your friends: remember to hydrate because intensive practice in strong heat requires regular drinking, also, protect your body with sunscreen because a game can last a good hour (at least). Finally, prefer to play on dry sand because, when you dive to catch the ball, it will hurt less.


It is one of the most popular activities because it is one of the easiest. Two full wooden rackets, one rubber ball and that's it. Between ping-pong and tennis, it's up to you to choose your rules or just try to beat your personal record for the number of exchanges. One word of advice: choose a place (on the beach or by the water) with not too many people, so as to avoid hurting people or having your game interrupted. And no, rackets are not out of fashion, they’re vintage.

Sand yachting

The fun sport of sand yachting dates back to the very end of the 19th century in Belgium. A speed sport, sand yachting requires several conditions: large sandy beaches at low tide (for example on the Atlantic coast or on the Channel) and a minimum of wind. It is a complete activity since the direction of the yacht is managed with the feet while the hands have to handle the rigging, in other words, the sail. Although this activity may seem complex, the equipment made available to you by the approved clubs will be adapted to your body shape and your level of experience.


Why go for original sports when the most logical and simple activity is one you already know? Whether you are an average swimmer or a real dolphin, the sea offers you a varied playground: swim in a very calm or an agitated sea, and the sensations will not be the same. Aim to reach the first buoy at your own pace and, in the evening, you will be proud of your achievement. It has long been known in the world of sport and science that swimming is one of the most complete sports and the most beneficial for the human body. Don't hesitate, some breaststroke or crawl will do you a lot of good, and is suitable for both children and adults.

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