Homework and shellfish


No more beach! Farewell water, stains, swimming trunks... It was great for the kids: splashing, jumping in the waves, snorkelling, skipping stones, playing outdoor games and running wild, hunting for crabs among the rocks, collecting unusual stones or beautiful shells, burying themselves up to their necks in the sand, building sand castles, and even (that’s right!), writing a subliminal message in the sand in huge letters, licking melting ice-creams, eating barbecued sausages with their fingers... and other wonderful outdoor activities. With all their senses on the alert, they blossom in this new environment as they discover a host of new sensations. Have you ever thought about telling them how important it is to protect our oceans?

Family break

Wonderful memories and the long-awaited reunion with Mum and Dad, free and relaxed at last. That said... "No, and all its variants are not forgotten: put your cream on, put your hat on, put your flip-flops on, come and have some water, don't splash others, don't go too far away, don't throw your paper on the ground, it's time for a nap or it’s time to go home, shake your towel and fold it, put your things in the bag, remove the sand from your feet before you put your shoes back on and get in the car... By the way, you can use the AFTER Beach Brush, that’s what it’s for." So much love and precautions annoy our little ones, but what a lot of joy… and fatigue! They help with the cooking, appreciate taking meals together, enjoy sleeping in, confide their little secrets, make the most of cuddles, and for those with indulgent parents, avoid having to do holiday homework! Yippee! Ah Sorry... isn't that your case?

What about Covid?

No respite for the virus. In some regions of France, new contaminations have been found. Faced with the progression of variants and the massive arrival of holidaymakers, locals feel somewhat concerned but tourists are much less so. Holidays are all about forgetting the daily grind and making the most of your free time, just in case things get worse. However, it is important to talk about it with your children, to find out how they are coping with this new and anxiety-provoking situation (all of them know the words coronavirus and confinement) and make sure that they do not develop psychological problems. Wearing a mask (alas, not a diving mask) continues to be compulsory indoors, at markets, on buses and in stations. Enjoy a well-deserved rest, of course, but continue to be cautious and remember your duty to other people’s health.

Back to school

That's it, time to go back to school! After the summer break, getting back to reality can be a painful transition: getting up early, getting back into a routine, eating at set times, going to school, studying and remembering the health protocol, adapting to a new way of life. This sensation of stress, however unpleasant, will eventually disappear. In reality, most kids have missed their classmates and their teacher. After some tears, laughter, resignation, and with a new schoolbag, everyone will soon find their feet and it will all be alright. And they will have plenty to tell each other about their leisure time, filling the playground with whispers and shouts; nothing better to delight the ears and hearts of the teachers, even if... Did you say distance learning?

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