The AFTER Beach brush


I love the beach but it’s true that, while some find sand soft and warm, others find it annoying. This is particularly the case when you have children and you have to take them to the beach in the middle of the summer when it is very hot. I’m in the latter group. I have rather sensitive skin and I have to coat myself with sunscreen so as not to burn, or cover myself with a T-shirt to protect myself from the sun's rays. I hate it when the sand sticks to my skin and I don't like getting into the car with the kids with our feet covered with sand and bringing it home with me.

The alternatives

There are sometimes showers, but not all beaches are equipped and it is not really very ecological. In any case, you always end up bringing sand home on your feet and in your sandals even after a shower. There are also towels that people try to use when they leave the beach, or even your hands, all of which is not really all that hygienic. But, now, fortunately, when our daughters shout at us: “Mum the brush!” when we are seated on the wall after leaving the beach, it is a pleasure to have the AFTER Beach brush in the beach bag.

The beach brush, my essential accessory

The AFTER Beach brush is well-designed and ergonomic and the bristles are soft and efficient. Just the idea of having it with us makes us happy to go to the beach without having to worry about irritating, sticky sand. Our two daughters are now accustomed to using it before they put their shoes back on, even in the winter when they have to put on socks and sneakers. It also makes your skin softer. This sand brush is perfect for cleaning your feet, but it also removes sand from other objects, plastics, fabrics and shoes.

Between you and me, using an ugly utensil hidden in the trunk of your car to remove the sand from your feet after the beach is not really very glamorous.

So what are you waiting for to try the AFTER Beach brush?

If you are still unsure, take a look on this website.

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