What does Made in France mean?


"Nonpreferential origin makes it possible to establish the "nationality" of a product when production factors from several countries are involved: components, raw materials and the various stages of manufacturing. In short, a product’s origin comes from the country where it underwent the last substantial transformation."

As it was already mentioned on this website, the 2017 collection of AFTER Beach brushes were manufactured in France in an artisanal and family-owned brush factory located in the French Department called Oise.

Now, in order for our customers to know the origin of our product in a clear and transparent way and for our company to prioritize the maintenance of production activities in France, the production of the new collection AFTER Beach brushes is certified 100% made in France.

We have received from the French customs and direct rights the document Origin France Guarantee. The Label “Origin France Guarantee” being very expensive, we will not go any further to mark our product with this logo.

At present, two new French companies manufacture the new collection AFTER Beach brushes.

In summary:

The wave-shaped handles of the AFTER Beach brushes were designed from a steel mold (made from a 3D file). This mold is then inserted into a large tooling in order to obtain colored material and make beautiful handles. The fibres come from Italy and are installed in France at a brush company. Composed of nylon, free of animal hair, flexible and resistant, they fit the shape of the curved handle to perfection.

Technical characteristics will be highlighted: New colors and fiber material, engraved logo, efficiency, brushes fully washable and durable over time.

Happy beach season with AFTER Beach!

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