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What? an anti-sand beach brush?

What? A beach brush? At the beach, many people use their hands or their towel to remove the annoying grains of sand still stuck on their feet after they have left the beach. Showers are not available on all beaches and they do tend to waste of water. This brush is designed to brush fine sand from feet, the body and accessories, such as beach toys, swimwear fabrics, sandals, and car seats.

The AFTER Beach brush has been especially designed to make beach trips easier without the inconvenience of sand sticking everywhere. Its flexible fibres remove sand to ensure comfort after the beach and are suitable for all skin types. Also, its ergonomic design and colourful wave-shaped handle make it an elegant and light accessory that you can carry with you everywhere and that can easily be stored in a bag. Therefore, this brush is practical and useful for removing fine sand from the feet before putting shoes back on and prevents sand from being scattered around your car or motorhome. It saves water from beach showers, keeps your hands clean and your towel dry and can be kept in your beach bag.

The brush can be washed entirely in clean and/or soapy water to clean the fibres. Then, wipe it with a soft cloth and leave it to dry. The fibres return to their original shape and colour. Do not hesitate to wash your sand brush from time to time for greater hygiene. The fibre is of good quality, washable, soft and supple so as not to irritate the skin and perfectly remove dry and wet fine sand from the feet. For wet sand, the soft fibres mean that you can rub hard without irritating your skin. For ethical reasons, the brush’s bristles 2017 are certified 100% nylon. No fibres of animal origin are used. The fibres are produced in France and will not deteriorate over time. The handle is a semi-gloss polymer for durability and easy washing. Wave-shaped, its design recalls the sea. A seagull is symbolised in the AFTER Beach logo. Once you try this brush, you won’t be able to do without it. Those who regularly go to the beach never forget it. So, what are you waiting for to try it?
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